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Nutritional Guidance
Today's highly-processed, nutrient deficient foods are starving our bodies of the nutrients necessary to achieve and maintain optimal health. 
But...what should I eat?  What should I avoid?  Do I need any supplements to support my health?  Which ones?  
These are some of the most common questions we see in our office.  We can help you wade through the jungle of information to tailor recommendations to your specific needs.
We recommend products from Standard Process when nutritional support is needed.  Standard Process is unique among all supplement manufacturers in that their products are concentrated whole, organic foods that are never heat pasteurized so all of the natural enzymes remain intact. This assures that all of the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes that nature provided in foods can work together to properly feed our bodies the way God intended. 
Standard Process supplements are only available through licensed health professionals.  We encourage you to visit to learn more. 

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